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Posted June 12, 2016 By Madison Backer

This is such an exciting blog-post, I am so excited to share with all of you!

Six months ago, 12 participants began a transformation journey. Our transformation challenge was created as a 6-month challenge to really motivate those who have specific health and fitness goals that they want to accomplish.

With our transformation challenge, we introduced ONE new personal monthly challenge at a time, to really focus on making small changes one-step at a time. Each challenge slowly built on each other, and by the last month each participant totally transformed. Each participant had their own personal challenges unique to their goals!

The challenges consisted of both exercise and nutritional recommendations, and also incorporated stress, recovery, and lifestyle tips.

With this journey, each participant received:

– New monthly challenges
– Surprise motivational deliveries in the mail
– Transformation Support Group
– Exercise and nutritional recommendations
– Personal support from myself
– Additional group challenges for more motivation

Each participant who entered this challenge, made amazing accomplishments. Choosing the winner was no easy task, as everyone really deserves recognition.

Just a few of these accomplishments included:

-Quitting smoking
-Dropping 20 lbs
-Completing first 5 km race
-Gaining muscle
-Dropping two pant sizes
-More daily energy
-More self-confidence

and much, much more!

I want to congratulate everyone who entered the transformation challenge. You all did amazing, and should be extremely proud of yourself. The amazing thing about the transformation challenge is that really everyone comes out as a winner, because everyone makes amazing accomplishments and is so happy at the end of their personal transformation.

This year, for the first time, I had to choose a ‘split-win’, as there are two participants who surpassed the transformation challenge commitments.

The winner was chosen based on the following:

Positive Attitude
Openness to new challenges
Ability to incorporate Balance into their Life
Intensity and Drive in each Workout
Adherence to nutritional recommendations
Transformation story

I graded each of these points on a scale of 1 through 5, and used this as my platform to choose the winner. When I completed this, two ladies had matching scores, and I knew they were both equally deserving of the prize.

The winners receive:

A free photo-shoot
Free makeup and hair
Health and fitness package
Discounted training with Mind and Body by Mad Back

Here are a few of the highlights from the two ladies transformation stories:

‘Overall, I feel that I have had several positive changes in my life such as:
• drinking a cup of lemon water every morning before coffee
• waking up was becoming easier
• no more “sweets” at lunch time
• much more energy
• weight loss
• muscle gains
• learning to cook/bake with different foods
• more productive days
• running 3 times per week
• stretching for 15 minutes (never thought I would be able to do that)
I wanted to make sure I had results. By doing small changes and pushing myself it allowed me to have a positive 6 month journey. ‘

‘Love, love, love the random surprises in the mail. Best thing ever. So much fun going to the mail and never knowing when something extra would be there!’

‘I have learned that balance is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I used to think that in order for me to lose weight it was all about working out. Work out as much and as long as I can. After doing this challenge, I have learnt that there is so much more than just working out. In order to continue to progress, I need to eat healthy as well as work out.
In the past, I used to think that all the healthy food was food I didn’t care for such as peppers, nut butters etc. After doing challenges and finding other healthy alternatives, I’ve found that are there are so many different recipes that I’m able to explore. I have learnt even though I don’t like certain foods there’s always another option.’

‘During the 6 months I have;
− Lost my goal of 15lbs & did myself better by hitting 20!
− Maintained my running schedule of 3 times a week (no matter if I felt like it or not), which helped me achieve my WPS 5K goal.
− Ran in the WPS 5k Run (& actually enjoyed myself – signed up for an October run)
− Dropped not one but 2 pant sizes
− Lost 5 inches off my hips, eliminating the constant muffin top I once had ‘

‘I have achieved SO much over the transformation challenge and 6 months later I have lost 20 lbs, dropped two pant sizes, fit clothes I haven’t wore in years, and feel more comfortable wearing tighter fitting clothes. Feel stronger than ever, and have muscle definition on multiple body parts. I have changed my eating habits from not eating breakfast any day of the week, to feeling like my morning just hasn’t started without it. I used to pack lunch for work that would leave me feeling tired and icky, full of sugary garbage and processed foods. My lunches now are filled with veggies, fruits, salads, wraps and foods that leave me feeling energized. I have learned SO much about myself, how little adjustments can make a huge differences.’

‘I learnt that I am stronger mentally than I ever gave myself credit for! Before I started working out and making more positive changes I often felt depressed or “blue”. Since I started working out, I almost never get the depressed or “blue” feeling. I used to spend the weekend secluded watching TV, in the basement alone. 6 months later I hardly have time to watch an hour of TV. I am always making plans, keeping myself busy and most importantly active. I think that is comes from feeling better about my body image, giving me more confidence to get out. As well workouts allow me to put it all on the table release everything bad with something that has provided me those positive results.’

Congratulations BRENDA and ASHLEY! I am so proud of you ladies!

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