Breaking the Bootcamp Stereotype!

Posted November 10, 2014 By Madison Backer

Breaking the Bootcamp Stereotype!


When you hear the words ‘bootcamp class’ what comes to your mind?


For many, feelings of intimidation rise as they associate bootcamp with military style fear induced training.


I have had many people approach me with concerns about bootcamp class. Some common questions/comments include:


  1. Will I be able to keep up?
  2. There’s no way I’m ready for bootcamp.
  3. What if people judge me?
  4. I don’t feel comfortable working out in front of others.
  5. I don’t want to get embarrassed.


I am here today to tell you all that Mad Backs Bootcamp will conquer all of your bootcamp fears. Let me address for you all of the above questions and comments I have received over the years;


  1. Yes you will be able to keep up. I have had participants ranging from 15-70+ years of age. Everyone works at their own personal fitness level. There is no pressure to perform at a certain level.


  1. Yes you are ready for bootcamp! If not today, then when? Everyone has to start somewhere. If you need breaks between class- we encourage them! There are modifications for all exercises in class. If you aren’t comfortable with an exercise, have previous injuries, or just aren’t quite ready to try something- modifications will always be available.


  1. People tend to be their own worst critics. Not one person in class is there to judge anyone. I can’t tell people enough how excited the class is when a new member joins. We are a team! We are here to encourage and support each other.


  1. If you don’t feel comfortable working out in front of others- you certainly will after trying just one class! Take the leap- you will not regret it. Just wait until you hear everyone cheering you on. You will not only have a better workout from the class encouragement, but you will actually want to work out with others more often!


  1. If you are worried about getting embarrassed- throw it out the window! We all have fun together in class. Everyone is doing similar exercises so there is no need to feel like you stick out from anyone at the class. I will always be correcting technique and form with all of the exercises to ensure you are performing them properly.


I hope that addresses some of your bootcamp fears! Re-adjust your mindset towards bootcamp. You will have fun, you will get fit, and you will get healthier!


Have more bootcamp related questions? Email me on my contact page!





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