Annual Events


Sweat, Smile, & Repeat

A one-day fitness retreat on a beautiful, private beach in Pinawa! Every year, the day is full of fun! Various fitness classes, kayaking, henna tattoos, amazing food, and a day just for you!

Event runs in June every year! This years event is Saturday, June 16th! Hit the Contact us page to sign up!


Blacklight Bootcamp

This event runs in May every year! Come dressed in your brightest, neon clothes! Body paint, bright nails, shoelaces, we encourage you to dress up and have fun!

The tunes are blasting, the room is hype, and the sweat dripping as we glow and have fun together for a 60-minute class!

Pool Bootcamp

This 60-minute class is all done in the pool! An awesome, full body, refreshing workout!

Must be a confident swimmer for this class!

The music will be bumpin as we swim, kick, and splash away! TRUST me- this is a guaranteed amazing workout like no other!

DATE: August 11th, 11:00am

COST: $20 per person

Reserve ahead of time with Madison at