My Story


My name is Madison Backer. I am the owner of Mind and Body by Mad Back – a fitness coaching service based out of Pinawa, Manitoba. I have always been passionate about helping others and about health and fitness so becoming a personal trainer and health educator was a natural path for me.

I own a Recreation Facility in Pinawa, built with an open space concept to accommodate 1-on-1 training, gym memberships, events, and many types of fitness classes.

I am a personal training specialist, as well as a Masters graduate with a Masters of Science in Health and Nutrition Education.

I love teaching and coaching. I love cheering others on, and having them realize how strong and amazing they truly are.

Living in a beautiful rural community is truly a blessing. I love adding elements of nature and the outdoors to my bootcamp classes. Fun and play is also really important to me. In my bootcamp classes, you will definitely see this come out quite often! Disco dance party? Biking Scavenger Hunt? Amazing Race Bootcamp? Sweaty Circuit Class? I like to add it all in!

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As your personal trainers, we promise to always be understanding. We promise to give praise and support. We promise to understand that everyone has struggles, and we promise to support you through these struggles.

We promise to always learn, and to always grow as your coach.

We promise to be the best personal trainers and health educators that we can be. We promise to always be there for you - to answer your questions, and to offer you support.

We promise to be a positive motivator. Most importantly, we promise to dedicate ourselves to help you live a life of health, and to help you every step of the way.




Mind and Body by Mad Back is a fitness and coaching based service out of Pinawa, Manitoba.

We approach personal training with an individualized focus- giving each client the personal attention they deserve. When we work with you, we focus on building health, strength, and confidence.

We offer programs suited to every client’s needs - from online workout and meal plans, to one-on-one personal training, to outdoor and indoor fitness classes, and even memberships! We have programs for everyone!

It is our goal at Mind and Body by Mad Back to support you in reaching all of your goals!