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With all of the Pokemon GO Craze going around…. obviously we had to make a Pokemon Bootcamp!

This was a super fun idea, that my bootcamp class really had a great time with! I recommend other bootcamp instructors trying it out (if you do give me a shout out and let me know how you liked it)!

Here’s how we did our Pokemon GO Bootcamp:

The prep for this class is where most of the work is done! Instead of having your clients use their phone and the Pokemon GO app, try making the game yourself! This gives your clients the opportunity to enjoy being outside, and check out the scenery as they search for the Pokemon creatures!

We did our class at Pioneer Bay Campground in Pinawa. This was an awesome location because the campground is a private developed area, which makes searching for the Pokemon easy to do! If you are trying out this fun game with your class, you could even do it around a block, in a gym, or even outdoors of a gym using the parking lot, trees, etc.

Start by printing off pictures of various Pokemon that you would like to hide for your class. This is where I had fun! Instead of hiding the typical Pokemon names, I made up new characters by using some of my regular boot campers names! For example, Pikachu was turned into Kate-achu, I also had Laur-tle, and more.

The class had some laughs over some of the names I came up with!

Now, after you have printed your Pokemon, and named your Pokemon, you choose your exercises for each Pokemon.

After you have completed all of the above steps, you find some fun spots to hide your Pokemon creatures. I taped mine to signs, doors, etc.

I divided my class into two teams, and each team had to try to find all of the Pokemon! Each time they found one, they had to complete the exercise on the Pokemon.

HERE was the fun part- if the Pokemon was named after someone on the team, EVERYONE on the team had to repeat the exercise twice!

They really liked that part đŸ˜‰

There you have it! Pokemon GO Bootcamp!

Give us a tag if you try this out with your class, or just do it on your own for fun!

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