I've been a client now for over a year doing bootcamp classes, online programs, and have now recently began doing the personal training. Madison's constant positive attitude and dedication to each of her clients are just a couple of the great things about her. She's always there when you need advice and she does a fantastic job of helping all of her clients reach their personal goals. Since joining her program, I now really understand how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle!

I have been working with Mad Backs for a while now, and it has been the best decisions I have ever made. I have done bootcamps, one on one training, online programs and meal plans. Mad Back puts 100% into each of these to make the program fit your specific goals and it works!! I have never been as strong as I am today and love and enjoy my healthy lifestyle. If it wasn't for Mind and Body by Mad Back I would not be where I am today, she has taught me so much about myself and how to take care of my body on a long term basis.

Madison is the best thing that’s happened to Pinawa for a long time. She has motivated young and old to get into shape and to eat a healthy diet. I am a senior with arthritis problems and she has tailored a program that is making a huge difference in my everyday life. I am noticing all sorts of small improvements that show me the changes in my body and I intend to keep with this program as long as I’m able. I wish everyone would come and see what Madison could do for them and take advantage of her expertise. Way to go, Madison – please stay in Pinawa – we need you!


I cannot say enough about Madison and Mind and Body my Mad Back. Only 5 short months ago I met with Madison and since then so much has changed in my life! I have lost inches, pounds and most important gained back the confidence I had lost in myself.

I started bootcamp, where I met a group of great, supportive people and made some wonderful new friends. I also started an online meal and home workout plan which was easier to incorporate into my life and routines than I thought because Madison understands that everyone is busy, has a life and commitments so she makes a plan to fit within all of that.

Madison helped me set goals and after 3 months I surpassed those goals! Now I am achieving more than I knew I could, and I owe it to her and her constant encouragement, support and knowledge.

My only regret is that I didn't start sooner!

Ashley Rockenstein

I've participated in Boot Camp, Personal Training & Group Training with Madison Backer. My situation might be unique, because I firmly believe my results are not measured by a scale, or a measuring tape, but by a sphygmomanometer (measures blood pressure) & by the confidence I feel staying in shape all year round; not because there is an event coming up, or because I have a pair of jeans to fit in, or because there is a size I need to be! I've participated in sport & physical activity my entire life, both leisurely & competitively. At the age of 47, my goal is to have fun, stay fit until I die, keep my blood pressure down (genetic thing), challenge myself, feel good & keep up with my children & dog. All of my goals have been surpassed adding Madison's programs to my life.

I have felt completely challenged, gently guided & supported, I have exceeded all of my goals. My experience with Madison has been fun & only once did I ever wish Boot Camp was cancelled (after a day of mountain biking & lunching!). In Personal & Group Training, the workouts were fun, challenging & NEVER THE SAME!!! Madison was always kind, caring, very supportive & professional.

I will continue to participate in Madison's programs (esp if they're in the morning ;) ). If anyone out there is needing to "get going", find a program that works for you, you'll have fun, & you won't be disappointed. By the way, I had a check up this summer, & my blood pressure was within normal range for the first time in 2 years!!!!!!!!

Thank you Madison, YOU ARE SO GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO;

Connie Holmlund