The WPG Grind: 9 Fitness Classes in 3 Days

Posted January 7, 2018 By Madison Backer

It’s been a while since I made a blog post… but this year is the year that I decided I want to share more with my followers and clients so here goes the first one of 2018!


In November, I made the decision I wanted to take a week off of training to experience other fitness classes and instructors in Winnipeg. Together, my sister and I set a goal of completing 9 classes in just over 3 days.


We spent some time researching all of the classes Winnipeg has to offer, and there are so many amazing ones to choose from! We chose the 9 classes we wanted to participate in based on how interested in them we were, how they fit into our schedule, and the diversity of the classes. We wanted to make sure we didn’t just participate in 9 bootcamp classes for example.

In December, we came up with the schedule and booked the following classes:

30-Minute HIT 

Sculpt Barre Winnipeg 

Boxing Foundations-United Boxing 

Sculpt Barre- Sculpt Barre Winnipeg

Floating Yoga and Meditation- Yoga Public

Spin Class- WPG Cycle


TRX Resistance- Yoga Public

Yoga Therapeutics- Peg City Yoga 

Orange Theory Fitness


I honestly really enjoyed every single class I participated in. It was a great mix of different exercise and training styles, and all of the instructors were awesome and unique in their own way.


One question many people have been asking me is ‘what class did you like best?’


This is a tough question to answer, because they really are all so different. Let me breakdown what my favorite things were about each class!


Orange Theory: I loved the intensity of this class. I really enjoy classes where the trainer pushes me, and I leave feeling like I gave it my all. It’s almost impossible not to push yourself in the atmosphere of Orange Theory. If you are looking to take your workouts up a notch, and maybe need that extra push- then I think you would totally love Orange Theory!


Boxing Foundations (United Boxing): I really wanted to register for this class because I feel like my ‘spirit animal’ is Ronda Rousey lol! This was one class where I was really stepping into something out of my comfort zone. I have done boxing and kickboxing in the past, but there is something about walking into a new boxing studio that is a little intimidating. As soon as we began, I felt totally at ease with the trainers and the class. My sister and I were the only two newbies in the class, along with one other gentleman. The assistant trainer took us in the ring and immediately spent one on one time with us teaching us basic fundamentals before we joined the rest of the class. I loved how experienced the trainer was, and how he focused so much on proper technique. He would consistently stop the class and remind us of the fundamentals, and things to improve on. I loved the learning aspect of this class, and I mean c’mon there is something about boxing that just makes you feel like a total bad-ass! Totally recommend this boxing studio!


Yoga Therapeutics (Peg City Yoga): This was a very much needed chill class that our bodies totally needed. I really enjoyed the use of props with this class. The instructor had us use balls for self-myofascial release. If you need some restorative yoga in your life, then this is for you!


Sculpt Barre Winnipeg: This studio was seriously so nice, open and pretty. It just made me happy walking into the place. This was my first time experiencing a barre class. The class we did had lots of isometric exercises. Lots of static holds of exercises like squats. The class involved the use of a bar (like a ballet bar), mat for floor exercises, and light dumbbells. It reminded me of a combination of pilates and yoga with free weights. I really liked how they made simple exercises hard. The class is also low impact, and great for all fitness levels.


TRX Strong (Yoga Public):  This was one of the hardest classes we did out of the nine. The class is all based on the TRX suspension trainer. You get in a full-body sweaty workout, plus they add in the use of other equipment like kettlebells. The instructor for this class (Carl) was awesome. I love when trainers have spunky personalities and it comes through with their classes. He gave us 1-on-1 attention being newbies in class, and really made the class fun and hard at the same time!


Floating Yoga and Meditation (Yoga Public): This was really cool! It’s like doing yoga from a really big hammock! The floating part of this class was so therapeutic. When you think floating yoga, you might just think you are going to lay there and float and meditate for an hour, but the class actually had us using the hammock in various poses. The class ended with a nice meditation in the hammock.


30-Minute HIT: This is an all women’s boxing/kickboxing studio. The class is only 30 minutes long, and consists of 2-minute stations where you alternate between 15 seconds of a regular pace and 15 seconds of a double time pace. The studio has all different types of bags, and a different boxing/kickboxing move at each station. The cool thing with this studio is that there is a trainer always on hand. You can show up whenever you want during their hours, and the trainer guides you through the workout. The trainer’s excitement about the class was really awesome, and she made us feel awesome with her positive feedback.


WPG Cycle: WPG cycle has an awesome studio. The lights in the room really motivate you and make it a super cool experience. I loved the upbeat music in this class, and the instructor’s intensity. Every minute of the class is used to sweat, and the whole environment makes you really push yourself. Definitely an amazing spin class experience!


9Round: 9Round was an awesome 30-minute intense workout. I don’t think we took a break once in the 30-minutes! It is a kickboxing themed program that was actually created by a world champion kickboxer. Each station is 3 minutes, and there are always 30-second active recovery breaks after each station. I would definitely say this was one of the harder classes of the nine we completed. I loved the intensity, especially for a 30-minute workout. You definitely don’t feel like you shorted yourself in 30 minutes!


Overall, this was a great learning experience. I took away lots of valuable information from the trainers, and from the classes. It really gave me that extra motivation to kick off 2018 with my clients and Bootcamp classes.


It was great that lots of these studios offered a free trial class. So if you’re curious and want to try these classes out- for many of them your first class is free! Try them out and be the judge for yourself on what suits your needs best!


There are so many other classes that Winnipeg and Manitoba has to offer. I will continue to explore and have fun with fitness in 2018!



Yours in health, fitness and fun,



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